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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warning!! - Machine is not in a committed state

I got this error message at post. I read in the forum that this happens to computers that recently had the system board replaced. In my case, the system board had no recently been replaced, but this answered my question.

I had to chat with HP tech support about the HP branding tool. They would not provide me with the tool. They wanted me to make an appointment to have someone from HP come fix it. I did want to go through with that, so I asked HP if my computer would have any problems if I didn't have someone come fix this problem. They assured me that I would not have any problems, but some product information may not be available in the BIOS or from within Windows.

It doesn't sound like the error message is a very big threat. At the most, some system information may not be available within Windows (e.g. asking for the serial number from command prompt).

Here's the link:

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